Final Images

These are the final 6 images I choose from my contact sheets.

On the left shows the original image and the right hand column shows the edited images.

As I wanted to show metaphorical light in relation to the psychology of light; I wanted to have the rays of natural light coloured. I tested changing light and the effects it created in my previous lighting test shoots, where I used gels on one side of a window with a flash on the outside working in relation with each other. I really liked the aesthetics of these but wanted to take it into a different environment.

I liked the interior of the church and wanted to combine the two themes together; however I couldn’t use the gels on the church windows. Instead I manipulated the files on photoshop. I used the mask tool to select the area of light and changed the colour balance so each photo in the collection had a different colour that represented a feeling. For example the pink was meant to create a sense of calmness.

I wanted the light to be the main focus of the image but also the surroundings and details of the building.I made the colours quite vibrant on order for it to catch the attention first as that was my concept, then to explore the image to notice the beauty in the architecture.

I choose these 6 as I wanted them to look similar as a series but also have different elements to keep them interesting.

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