Contact Sheets from Rochester Cathedral


These are the contact sheets from testing at rochester cathedral. Whilst exploring the church I wanted to focus on the natural light that came through the windows an where it played on the interior architecture. Originally I wanted to explore the light from the stained glass windows hoping it would come out coloured however It didn’t.

The church is lit from the few artificial lights on the inside and the many windows. This originated from before when originally the only light a church would get would be from the windows. I liked the few artificial lights on the inside as it made a warm ambience throughout my photographs. I took a few different shots from different viewpoints around the church. As the structure of the building was quite high as well as the windows majority of the reflective light was above eye level which meant I was taking my photographs from a below angle. I liked how this looked as its the perspective someone would be looking at when actually in that position.

Throughout my project I was practicing using the hassleblad, I used this for my shoot here which I enjoyed using as the details of the building structure it included added details and elements that added to the whole image. I started with an ISO of 400 as the church was quite poorly lit but varied down from 100-200. The aperture was around F4-8 to open up the bigger circle letting more light in and I had the shutter speed varying around 1/180. I wanted it fast enough so there was no hand shake as I wasn’t using a tripod and also wanted the surroundings to be dark around the light making the light and the patterns coming through more noticeable and the main aspect in the image.

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