Test shooting

When continuing to experiment with coloured light, I started noticing the close up details of natural light and the coloured artificial lights. I zoomed in to some of my already taken images and found the images became more abstract and ambiguous. I liked this instead of taken the photos at a distance to include everything. I feel these images had a very similar theme to the focus point in Uta Barths work. In these images when testing different shoots I found the gels, unlike the 1st test shoot,  starting lighting up the room rather than creating a line of light. However this separated the natural light from the artificial and created a coloured background and the white natural sunlight shone through creating a pattern which I found interesting to focus on.

In response to researching the psychology behind colours and how different colours can have an influence on how people feel, I purposely choose certain strong colours such as red in relation to this. However due to the natural light some colours that i wanted to explore ,such as green and blue with are seen as calming colours, didn’t portray through.

In my body of work I want to create a different coloured theme in each image and explore how the colours can influence thoughts and feelings.

Although I liked how some of these images looked I don’t think they worked that well as a series connecting to each other and I wasn’t too keen on presenting them together. I found it difficult to find certain locations where the light even zoomed in would look interesting and different but till connected.

From this I want to continue looking at coloured and rays of natural light but reflecting locations i want to test out taking to photographs inside the interior of churches again.Job_0119Job_0134Job_0169

A 6543869

A 6543869

A 6543874

A 6543874

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