Psychology of colour research

Mixing my idea of looking at stained glass within churches to almost beautify objects and seeing light as a metaphor i started experimenting with gels to add a beam of coloured light into my images. I really liked this technique and wanted to look at the meanings and psychology of different colours. As i want to look at how light can make you feel spiritually and emotionally i want to further research into how different colours can make you feel and how the both relate. This may possibly in my images the colours can add a further meaning and in depth feeling.

The four primary colours are red,blue,yellow and green. its said that these colours relate respectively to the body,the mind,the emotions and all three tied together.


this is seen as a powerful colour, its a positive colour and psychically stimulates us and raises our blood pressure.Red is also strong and can be seen as stimulating and lively as well as demanding and aggressive


blue is meant to be the colour of the mind and is a soothing colour, however it can also be seen as cold and unemotional


yellow is seen as a warm and optimistic colour its the strongest colour psychologically.It can lift peoples spirits and self esteem.however it can also be related to fear and anxiety.


green is seen as a peaceful and relaxing colour.Its the colour of balance.its also seen as being a reassuring colour.


as orange is a combination of red and yellow its a stimulating focuses our minds on physical comfort. its also seen as a sensually ‘fun’ colour.


pink is seen as a soothing colour rather than a stimulating.Its a powerful colour and can represent a feminine principle.its nurturing and physically soothing.

I can relate the colours that I use in my images to the feeling the light and the colours give and the overall atmosphere that is created, its investing to see how this can be manipulated by the colour.

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