Visual Experiments with Lighting

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After researching Uta Barth and looking at creating light to photograph, I wanted to combine my idea of metaphorical light and how it can make you feel with the original idea of colours from stained glass. To do this is created rays of coloured light to blend in with natural light shining from the window. By creating the light I tappedĀ colourd gel overlays to the inside of the window and set up the flash kit on the outside of the window. I positioned the flash quite close to the gels so that in theory it would only create a singular beam of light rather than light up the room orange for example. I found this technique worked really well. As I was only testing this method of lighting I took the photos in the canteen and wasn’t focusing on the surroundings at the time just the light. However I quite liked the feeling it created in the canteen as you can feel uplifted/spiritual in any surrounding, from this I thought about exploring different everyday surroundings but by including the coloured lights, i felt this would make it more personal to the public.

I tested these images using the hassleblad camera, this was as I was also focusing on the architecture of the buildings and wanted to take a large picture, I used a 35mm lens to do this.

I want to take forward the combination of light used metaphorically with the link to coloured light, I also feel it would be interesting to explore the psychology behind colours, how different colours can make you feel and how to link it in with the project.


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