Andy Marshall architectural photographer research

Andy Marshall is an award winning and published architectural photographer; her work includes commercial, cultural, heritage and interiors. He takes a modern approach when communicating his images, engaging others through his twitter stream, photo stories, websites and his live Tumblr stream. One of his recent projects which connects people with the built environment include CCT photo2012- here Marshall takes a journey around England photographing the beautiful churches of the churches conservation trust and engaging with people via social media. By doing this he enables others to interact with the historic built environment. He uses large format coloured images.

One set of mages called ‘vessel of light’ captures the light in one of the most atmospheric cathedrals in England- Peterborough. These images captured me the most as they link to the theme I want to take my project to- which is looking at light and the compositions of it with in churches and cathedrals. I think the architecture in churches is beautiful and there is so much intricate detail that can sometimes be overlooked; with the use of natural light as previously said it can be seen metaphorically like godly light, especially with connotations of a church.

In these images he spent several days capturing the slow movement of light over the dogtooth, reflecting off the alabaster and up-lighting the vaulting. Another series is when he took photos of sir Basil Spence’s’ Coventry cathedral- this is a modern intervention- which is drawn from the context of its environment and delivers a building which is remarkable in its conception and allegorical in its intention. I like these images as he still uses the light to highlight and emphasise, even though the churches are both modern and traditional.Picture1Picture2Picture3Picture4

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