Moodboard initial ideas- IMAGE MAKING (ARCHITECTURE)




When first researching architecture I came across a few images that showed symmetry with buildings (shown in mood board 1) I found the compositions of the lines and symmetry really intriguing and especially with black and white the images looked dynamic and sharp, i kept this is one influence. It was then looking at symmetry in buildings I looked at stained glass windows and interiors of buildings (mood board 2) I also found these images interesting as the multicoloured lighting again creates a dynamic image making them stand out.I liked the idea that the light coming through the windows would brighten up the whole image even if the interior was quite delepated and old making the image overall beautiful. This then spurred my first initial idea to photograph interior architecture of stained glass windows.From this I began thinking about the architecture of churches and cathedrals and the lighting through the windows, in churches the light is almost seen metaphorically linked with the religious connotations, with the ideas of sublime. it made me think about the structure of the buildings of churches and how they are positioned to let the godly light shine through at different angles.(shown in mood board 3) It reminded me of chiaroscuro lighting and how to create images just from light sources.From this I want to explore more about the architecture of churches looking into the architectures briefing and the scaling,Christopher wren is someone who springs to mind.

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