Test shoot 1


_MG_5382_MG_5382 copy


_MG_5384_MG_5384 copy

_MG_5405_MG_5405 copy

These are a few images i did as a test after my plan for shoot, i wanted to test the images of private identity, here using someone who had just got out the shower with wet hair and no makeup, (showing her as being ‘stripped back’) I took the photos on a canon 5D with a 85mm lens.In the first couple of images i had the model have her back to me and just turn with her head i feel this creates a feeling of coyness which people may feel when being photographed naturally as this (personally for my model) is not how she would want herself in the public linking the aesthetic to the concept. After my research on Thomas Dozol he often used mirror reflections which I then replicated personally the reflection of the model in the mirror wasn’t my favourite image as with the face on portraits theres a lot more detail in the eyes and face which i think make the image look nicer. When taking the images I though the original photos were a bit bland so I then edited them to brighten the models face this then brings more attention to her and works well as the emphasis should be on her face so when the ‘public’ images are taken with her dressed and how she creates her own identity the difference is more noticable.I had the model in her own room as it also adds to the atmosphere of the images being personal which i think works well.


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