• linear
  • contrasted
  • noisy
  • hypnotic


  • balanced
  • girl positioned in 2nd 3rd
  • highlighted
  • shadowed


  • uninhibited
  • isolated
  • angled
  • linear


  • dismal
  • realistic
  • disparity
  • monochrome


How might we define the ‘street’?

originally the word street meant a paved road; a roads main function is transportation while streets faciliate public interaction for example pedestrian streets, alleys and city centre streets. A road (like a street) is often paved and used for travel however a street is characterized by the degree and quality of street life. Buskers,streetwalkers, homeless people are habitual users of a street but maybe not a road, its said that if a road connects places than it could be seen that a street connects people

Street photopgraphy can be described as photography that features the chance encounters and random accidents within public places, it can have the ability to documentate without being documentary photography, the language of street photography is subtle and not as loud and outspoken as documentary photography. Street photographs are mirror images of society, displaying unmanipulated scenes with usually unaware subjects.

One question with street photography could be where does the street end; whether public inside places such as shopping arcades can be classed as being  part of street photography. For example ‘subway’ by Bruce Davidson and the work by Tom Wood with people travelling on buses. Both these series’ show a feeling of publicness even though they arent taken on the street but public transport, the photographs are still raw and natural they’re not staged and documents peoples lives out in the public.

Another question with street photography is whether people are involved or not. Colin Westerbeck author of Bystander:A history of street photography, makes a statement on Atgets work of paris archetecture, he says that because atget focused mainly on the archeteure of the city at a street level(where people lived,interacted and congregated) that is classifies him as a street photgrapher rather than an arcgitectual photographer, his work shows proof of humanity, they dont have people in the photo but it still makes people consider society.

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