The theme for my final piece was looking at inside spaces within the title brief environment. I wanted to photograph personal living spaces and look at spaces people inhabit.I was originally inspired to this idea from Nigel Shafrans series of ‘washing up’ where he took photos of built up washing. his theme was personal to everyday life and relatable to viewers to look at this is something I wanted to portray in my work and thought of photographing kitchen spaces. I though of photographing kitchens from the uni halls as it brings a more personal experience in my project, looking at 4 different kitchens in the uni accommodation.Although all the kitchens are the same, different flats have different ways of inhabiting them bringing their own uniqueness to it. My initial idea was to just photograph the kitchens at a wide angle but after coming across the artist Thomas Demand who makes his own prompts and includes them in his photography I wanted to take my idea further and actually make the kitchens out of  miniatures. I created the kitchen set up out of cardboard painting the furniture and sticking them into a small shoe box, I also brought miniature people to place inside.I then researched into Liam Baileys ‘forever England’ where he took photos of the miniature village in Bekonscott, he used close crops and zoomed in to the people making them seem bigger, he took photos of the inanimate objects like you would with portraits which I wanted to include in my own work. I started off by setting up and making my own kitchen , my first idea was that the furniture and people would almost look life like and zoomed in it would be hard to distinguish the size however after taking practice shots I realised this was very hard and the set up looked unrealistic. Although this wasn’t my original plan I preferred how this looked it brings a sense of fun. It was also after making the 1st kitchen that I realised it would be difficult to create 4 different scenes that had different elements in them so I decided to keep the one kitchen that is personal to me and look at 4 situations that occur within an environment. I ended up with the first environment being empty just including furniture this showed the kitchen inhabited and before people move in;the second image showed the first approach of people ,flatmates moving in getting to know each other.;the third shows a party scene this was my favourite to create as I manipulated the lighting and positions of people which I thought was really effective making this images stands out the most of the 3 and the last one was the ‘next day’ scene showing the messy tidy up. I think these scenes of a uni kitchen work well as it almost looks like a narrative of uni live which is personal and also relatable. also by using the same kitchen set up it creates uniformity amongst the 4 images creating a stronger link between them. In most of the photos shallow depth of field was used so the focus was on one of the people, I think this worked well as they were the sharpest and brightest element in the set up and makes them stand out more with the actions, as well it looked better having the cupboards blurred as it made them look slightly better and less homemade.Similar to Shafran I think my images work well in capturing chaos and rituals of everyday life with a personal context behind.

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